Join the Chocolate Race in supporting #JP'sTeam, a grassroots initative started by elite runner and survior of childhood sexual assault Jean Paul Bedaed to raise both funds and awareness for surviors of sexual violence.


  • There is no “fee” to join JP’s Team
  • There is no “minimum” fundraising requirement
  • There is a “place” for everyone on this Team – runners and supporters

Find out more at runjprun!



Here is the latest from JP:


Hi Everyone…  

Collectively in 2016 we raised over $125,000 for organization supporting survivors of childhood sexual abuse, but more importantly together we have helped continue a dialogue about the importance of ‘being there for others’.  When we launched JPsTeam this time last year, we had no idea where it would go, and what shape it would take.  Over the past year it’s grown into a family of more than 250 people across North America… What began as an advocacy community has become so much more—We are family… We reach out to, and include everybody… What unites us is our support for each other.  

It’s become very clear to me that my primary focus is not to raise money, but rather, to build community.  So, with that in mind, I would like the theme for this year to be “JUST SHOW UP”…  And for me that means, showing up in my life regardless of how ‘broken’, ‘scared’, and ‘lost’ I have felt… It feels as though there is so much negativity in the world right now, and that can leave us feeling overwhelmed and powerless.  But when we ‘just show up for each other’, we create the perfect antidote to that negativity… We create love and community.  To me, that’s what JPsTeam has become—a collective act of love.  
My plans for this year are to continue in my advocacy work for survivors of sexual violence, and part of that will be supporting the Gatehouse here in Toronto and Little Warriors out in Edmonton.  The big awareness event for me will take place in October at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon.  I’m planning on running a “6 in The Six”… (2 marathons on Friday, 2 on Saturday, and 2 on Sunday).     

I’ll be looking for people to join me in a few kilometres (nice and slow!), and you are welcome to run with me or ride along on your bike.  I’ll be reaching out with more details very soon, but in the meantime, if this is something you’re thinking about doing, please send me a quick email.  

But most of all, I want to encourage you to invite your family, friends, and colleagues to join JPsTeam… There is no cost to join, no fundraising commitment… All that you have to do is to support others and JUST SHOW UP.  Every time someone sees one of our singlets, one of our t-shirts, or sees the hashtag #JPsTeam, it initiates a dialogue about resilience, community, and moving forward in life… and to me, that’s the greatest gift of JPsTeam.
And finally, my book “Running Into Yourself” is now available, and it’s become a bestseller at both Indigo and Amazon…. If you’d like to receive your own signed copy of the book, send a $25 e-transfer to runjprun@gmail.com  Include your postal address and ’to whom’ you’d like the book inscribed.... I’ll have it in the post to you tomorrow.
hugs and love



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